June Hilley


June Hilley


6th Grade English Language Arts

Albertville High School
University of Montevallo, B.S
Jacksonville State University, M.S.

Teaching Experience
1989-1991  Middle School Math, Spanish Fort School, Baldwin County
2006-2007 6th Grade English Language Arts, Douglas Middle School
2007-2015 6th Grade Math, Douglas Middle School
2015-2021 6th Grade Earth and Space Science, Douglas Middle School
2021-2022 6th Grade English Language Arts, Douglas Middle School

Course Overview

We will be following the 2021 Alabama Course of Study, 6th Grade English Language Arts.  The course of study organizes the standards into types of literacy:  critical, digital, language, research, and vocabulary.   Each type of literacy will address reading, listening, writing, and speaking.    In this ELA class, we will focus on grammar and writing aspects from the course of study.

Remote Learning

During the school year, we may have to transition to remote learning due to sickness, quarantine, or school closure. If this happens, student assignments will be made by the teacher in Google Classroom.



There will be a minimum of 11 grades for each of the nine weeks with at least 3 of those grades being summative assessments like tests and projects.  The other 8 grades will consist of formative assessments like bell ringers, homework, classwork, and exit slips.

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